After Taste


‘’Life is boring. Drastic changes must be made.’’

AFTER TASTE: Gothic doom rock with an electronic twist.


After Taste provides a mix of industrial, gothic and doom metal accompanied by dance, trip hop
and ambient elements. With atmosphere as the governing element it creates a unique blend of
different musical styles. Despite its melancholic and wistful aura it is ultimately dance music,
forming an uneasy but captivating contrast.

‘’Who says love is sacred? Anyone can fake it.’’


Dark music goes hand in hand with dark words. Romance and heartbreak are recurring themes.
After Taste offers a view on the world’s most popular sources of inspiration. Mental health,
family, soulmates, life and death… The story of love - warts and all - told by the haunting funeral
voice of founding member Dave Meester.


Dave Meester – Vocals/guitar
Johan Girard – Guitar/vocals
Sid van Kastel – Bass/vocals
Ian van Kastel – Drums