White Boy Wasted


'No great idea ever started by drinking... ...And thus it began.'

White Boy Wasted is a young speedrock band from the bowels of Eindhoven Rockcity. Dirty, mean, fast, loud, heavy, ugly, energetic and above al unique, that is the best way to describe the band. White Boy Wasted proves to be one of Holland's most promising young rock artists of this time by their incredible live performances in wich they rip the stage apart as an all-destroying, aggressive high-on-speed tornado. During their two-year-career the boys have already shared the stage with bands such as Nashville Pussy, Exodus, Suicidal Angels, Wednesday 13 and Raven.

White Boy Wasted Released their debutrecord 'The Dirty South Special' on january 12th through 'Lighttown Fidelity'. The album has been produced by none other than 'Peter van Elderen' (Peter Pan Speedrock). This collaboration ensures that this record wil be one of the musical highlights of 2018. Now let's get White Boy Wasted!